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Flat Hills Big Breakfast-Bacon, Kransky Sausages, Eggs, Toast, Hash Browns, Tomato & Creamy Mushrooms - $22.90 (GF AVAILABLE)

Eggs & Toast - $11.00(GF AVAILABLE)

Add Bacon(3), Kransky Sausages(3), Hash Browns(3), Sauteed Mushrooms, Spinach, Tomato OR Chips $4.00 each

Creamy Mushrooms on Ciabatta- $15.50 (V) (GF AVAILABLE)

Creamy Mushrooms on Ciabatta with Bacon(2)- $18.50 (GF AVAILABLE)

Eggs Benedict on Ciabatta with Spinach & Bacon OR Mushroom- $18.50 

Granola- with Yoghurt, Banana & Berry Compote- $14.50 (V) 

Pancake Stack-with Maple syrup, Caramelised Banana, Berry Compote & Vanilla Bean Yoghurt- $16.50 (V) add Bacon(2) $19.50

Breakfast Stack- Hash Browns, Mushrooms, Poached Egg, Spinach & Hollandaise with Bacon -$18.50    OR Mushroom(V) $18.50

Corn & Capsicum Stack-Spiced Corn Patties, Spinach, Grilled Tomato, Roasted Red Capsicum & Tomato Relish $18.50 (Vegan)

Hot Sandwiches...

Pork & Apple Sauce - $10.50 (GF AVAILABLE)

Lamb & Mint Jelly- $10.50 (GF AVAILABLE)

Open Steak Sandwich on Ciabatta with Onion Rings& Aioli- $14.90 (GF AVAILABLE)

Open BBQ Pulled Pork on Ciabatta & Aioli- $14.90 (GF AVAILABLE)

Open Falafel Sandwich on Ciabatta & Tomato Relish - $14.90 (Vegan) (GF AVAILABLE)

Add Chips to any Sandwich for $4.00


Toasted Sandwiches...

Toasted Sandwich with 2 fillings - $7.00 (GF AVAILABLE)

Extra Fillings: $1 Each

Cheese, Pineapple, Ham, Tomato, Onions, Egg, Mushrooms, Corn, Baked Beans, Beetroot

Add Chicken or Bacon for $1.50

Add Chips to any Sandwich for $4.00



1/4 Pound Lamb Burger, Mint Jelly & Caramelised Onion - $10.50

Crumbed Chicken Burger, Aioli & Caramelised Onion- $10.50

Corn & Capsicum Burger, Tomato Relish & Caramelised Onion - $10.50 (Vegan) (GF AVAILABLE)

1/4 Pound Beef Burger, Tomato Relish & Caramelised Onion - $10.50

Gourmet Chicken Burger-Grilled Chicken, Bacon, BBQ Sauce, Aioli & Onion Rings$13.50 (GF AVAILABLE)

Kiwi Burger- with Beetroot, Egg, Tomato Relish & Onion Rings -$13.50

Add Chips to any Burger for $4.00

Add Cheese or Egg to any Burger for $1.50


Meals & Snacks...

Shepherds Pie - $10.90 (GF)

With Chips & Salad -$14.90

Beef OR Vegetable (V) Lasagne - $10.90 (GF)

With Chips & Salad- $14.90

250g Steak with Chips, Eggs & Salad- $26.90 (GF)

Grilled Chicken & Bacon Salad or Falafel Salad (V) - $14.90

Vegetable Soup- $9.90 (V) (GF)

Chips (V) - Small $4.90

         - Large $6.90

Add Aioli/ BBQ/ Sweet Chilli $1

Add Sour Cream $2

Wedges with Sour Cream & Sweet Chilli- $10.90 (V)

Wedges with Bacon, Cheese, Sour Cream & Sweet Chilli- $14.50

Curly Fries with Aioli & Sweet Chilli-$10.90 (V)

Curly Fries with Bacon, Cheese, Aioli & Sweet Chilli-$14.50

Kids Meals...

Kids Breakfast- Bacon or Kransky Sausages or Sauteed Mushroom (V) with Egg & Toast- $9.50 (GF AVAILABLE)

Pancakes-with Maple Syrup, Banana & Yoghurt- $9.50 (V) add Bacon(2) for $3 extra

Kids Toastie (any 2 fillings) , Chips & Piece of Fruit- $9.50

Chicken Nuggets, Chips & Piece of Fruit- $9.50

Kids Cheese & Ham Tomato Pizza with Chips & Piece of Fruit- $9.50 (V)

In the Displays...

We also have wide range of Sandwiches, Wraps, Ciabattas, Pasta, Salad, Keto Cups, as well as Pies, Sausage Rolls, Tarts etc

Cakes, Muffins, Scones & Slices- there's something for everyone!

Late Night Campground Menu...Order on arrival

Available for our overnight guests delivered to the Pods, Lounge or Campervan till 7pm...


Beef OR Vegetable (V) Lasagne with Salad $10.90 (GF) add Chips $14.90

Shepherds Pie with Salad $10.90 (GF) add Chips $14.90

Hot Pork & Apple Sauce Sandwich with Salad $10.50* add Chips $14.50

Hot Lamb & Mint Sandwich with Salad $10.50* add Chips $14.50

Vegetable Soup (GF) with bread* $9.90 (Vegan) add Chicken$3.00

Chicken OR Falafel (V) Salad $14.90

Wedges with Sour Cream & Sweet Chilli Sauce $10.90 (V)

Curly Fries with Aioli and Sweet Chilli Sauce $10.90 (V)

*GF bread available

For the Kids

Kids Pancakes served with banana, mayple syrup & yoghurt $9.50(V)

Kids Pizza-topped with cheese & tomato, served with chips & a piece of fruit $9.50 (V)

Kids Nuggets & Chips with a piece of fruit $9.50

Kids Mini Hotdogs & Chips with a piece of fruit $9.50